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"We are sure that humility, expressed by anonymity, is the greatest safeguard
that Alcoholics Anonymous can ever have."
Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions, p. 187
From AA Grapevine, The International Journal of Alcoholics Anonymous, Dec. 2002 / Vol. 59, No. 7
(reprinted from an earlier Grapevine issue dated 1955) by Bill W.

As never before, the struggle for power, importance, and wealth is tearing civilization apart. Man against
man, family against family, group against group, nation against nation.

Nearly all those engaged in this fierce competition declare that their aim is peace and justice for
themselves, their neighbors, and their nations: Give us power and we shall have justice; give us fame and
we shall set a great example; give us money and we shall be comfortable and happy. People throughout
the world deeply believe that, and act accordingly. On this appalling dry bender, society seems to be
staggering down a dead-end road. The stop sign is clearly marked. It says "Disaster."

What has this got to do with anonymity and Alcoholics Anonymous?

We of AA ought to know. Nearly every one of us has traversed this identical dead-end path. Powered by
alcohol and self-justification, many of us have pursued the phantoms of self-importance and money right
up to the disaster stop sign. Then came AA. We faced about and found ourselves on a new high road
where the direction signs said never a word about power, fame, or wealth. The new signs read, "This way
to sanity and serenity -- the price is self-sacrifice."

Our new book, Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions, states that "anonymity is the greatest protection our
Society can ever have." It says also that "the spiritual substance of anonymity is sacrifice."...

To read the entire article please download it here:  Why AA is Anonymous?

Anonymity is the spiritual foundation of our program...

Indelible Humility (another good Grapevine article on Anonymity and some AA history)
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